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We believe style speaks louder than words.

We’re on a mission to help women to find their perfect fit, no matter their shape. We believe all women should be empowered to discover their personal style in a comfortable and private setting. They should also know, long before their clothing arrives in the mail, that it will fit perfectly. It’s why we engineered and patented the SureFit ™ technology in the heart of our app.

Style has the power to change lives. And we’re excited to be stewards of a totally new way to shop, putting head-turning style and perfect fit into one perfect little app.


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Fixing the fit means bringing technology into the equation.

Here’s how it works:

1Download the appResponsive image

2Snap a selfie

3Try on some clothes (virtually, of course)

4See your SureFit size

5Buy your favorite looks

Why Selfie Styler?

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We offer hundreds of today's hottest brands to bring you the best in style - and personal fit.

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Shop without ever stepping foot in a store – anytime and anywhere. Find your perfect style and perfect fit right from the palm of your hand.

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Our SureFit technology uses your selfie to find body matching size recommendations specifically for you.

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Virtual Fit

Step into your virtual fitting room and see your selfie with real outfits before you make the purchase.

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We take your privacy seriously. Your selfie, details and personal information are completely secure and we won’t share your information with anyone – or any mailing lists.

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Share and create outfit looks with friends and family in your social community.

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Want to start a fitting room?
You added 20 items!

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